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Build capacity. Develop capability. Create confident & positive change.

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belle lockerby cifton strengthsfnder business and capacity coach

Create Strength Based Culture

Self Leadership| Talent Activation | Collaborative Transformation

Who's it for?

This is for organisations who provide services to the community. If you fit within either local or state government services (eg. emergency & infrastructure, economic development, health, education or defence), then we love working with you. 

Our founder is Australia's first certified Clifton Strengthsfinder Coach & combined with her post grad in change management, has a team focused on positive behavioural change

What you may be experiencing?

You may be going through internal change as a response to external pressures. This may be growing pains due to a change in strategic direction, environmental and economic pressures on resources and unwanted contraction.  Let's face it.  The longe the change process, the more "change fatigued" you and your talented people beomce.  You or your team may bve feeling overwhelmed, disengaged, burned out, and the water cooler conversation is not as positive as it could be.

You most likely know you need to make a few changes and improve a few P's for your people - perception, praise, performance and productivity.

What do I solve? 

Great news. I can help you solve this. Collaboratively. But it’s not a professional or personal development “tick the box” activity. That’s not how we roll. If you want an expensive band aid - this is not the right place.

Transformation Outcome

As a Change Professional, and Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, I utilise my change skills and own innate strengths to help leaders and teams ignite their talents, and ensure that they go beyond authenticity - to adaptive authenticity.

 How do you harness your people power and adapt to change? 

It doesn’t have to be awful.Using talent mapping, with my academic knowledge of change we look at your strategic goal, and work through a customised session to formulate an actionable plan which may include job design, strategic overview & communication & values alignment.

Listen to our founder, Belle Lockerby's interview with Gallup

on building resilience and bravery with strengths



Who is this for?

I work with local government economic development teams who are either regional or on the outskirts from a capital city delivers both economic, social and well being capacity improvements.

I am passionate about community - it is one of my core value drivers. 

What are some examples of capacity building programs?

Programs created and delivered are tailored to sectors of the community, including the following

  • Mumpreneur 101 - focused on an often overlooked and highly talented workforce, mumpreneur sought to address an isolated and underemployed pool of talent. Women from this program have gone on to create sustainable multi million dollar businesses that are progressive and created jobs within the economy.
  • Migrant Enterprising Women - focused on fostering connection and recognising talent in some of our most disconnected and isolated members of the community.
  • Power Up - focused on business continuity and capacity development for small to medium enterprises to future proof their organisations
  • Leverage - focused on business resilience & adaptability.
  • ARTpreneur - activation & skilling of the arts & creative community for economic benefit

What change is created?

Through a collaborative approach, we look at barriers to community participation in achieving a vision, and develop 8 week programs that build capacity and capability across entrepreneurship, leadership & social inclusion.

I have been fortunate enought to be first to market as Australia's first Clifton Strengthsfinder coach, & utilise their entrepreneurial builder profiling tools that enabled job creation, created new sustainable revenue streams & developed management & leadership capacity & capability within the community, with a focused on at risk groups.

Work with LGA City of Mandurah resulted in them winning a National Award and generating an increase in excess of $6.51 GRP YoY, 80 full time and 300 part time job

Read their report here

Program Development & Results

Participants in programs improved their confidence, gained commercial skills, and increased their sense of wellbeing by connecting with like minded individuals. 

Isolation and overwhelm are reduced. Business and Personal resilience are increased.

They develop the capacity to think differently about their challenges, and become connected and resourceful problem solvers.

For their communities, this means that they are enabling individuals to increase their income and being commercially engaged in a way that fits their own value set.

To develop a program or develop your team to increase community capacity & leadership activation, book a complimentary call here


Communicate| Connect | Impact


Using clifton strengthsfinder, work one on one to craft communication and change strategies that empower your people and your self as you develop your self leadership style and create psychological safety amongst your team.


Looking at your team, vision & values, we align people with process and performance by getting you on the same page and understanding how to craft words of impact in your conversations.


Get access to your team's full cliftonstrengthsfinder profile with Australia's first clifton strengthsbased coach who has a track record of creating positive cultural change for teams.  Passionate about working with small to medium enterprises & teams within local and state government, the executive leadership teams we work with are growth focused & know the importance of crafting stakeholder focused communication to create the right type of impact.

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Founder, Belle Lockerby. Best Selling Author. Transformation Coach. Transformation Speaker.

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