When is Consistency not the Key to Success?

change management

I need to start by saying I have a huge amount of respect for those individuals who consistently get up each day to go for a run – rain, hail or shine.  That, by their definition is their key to success….

For some of us, our keys to success for achieving goals are different.  There is one thing I can agree on – getting to where you want to go takes action at the least – otherwise you will stay stationery.

How do I know that consistency is not the key to success?  Spend some time navel gazing and really getting to know your own habits, and you will soon discover that you may be getting in your own way, and not tapping into your innate talents to get things done.

Last year I was tasked with completing a unit in Post Grad studies on Change Skills.  This involved  3 months of academic learning coupled with said navel gazing.  I could come up with the most awesome plans to improve my self management skills and creative ways to document and analyse the results (take a photo diary to track my mood, enter it into excel, chart it on a graph, create some crazy diary action where my alarm tells me to get up every day and then checks if I actually did).

The result:  Photo Diary? Nope. Excel Chart? Nope. Action Diary – yes, but actions, well they were hit and miss.  Now consistency may have solved this I hear you say…

But as I start to forward plan for how I will manage fitness during winter, my practice of Navel Gazing really unearthed some keys for success:

1. Connecting with others…. I am at my best when I am helping others reach a goal.  Give me someone who wants to try and run a half marathon, and I will slog it out and encourage them all the way

2. Innovating up my plans….I don’t like running in the dark, I don’t like running around the park….I don’t like running after work…I run like a girl, because I am one, you jerk!!   This realization that I can change it has been great.  During summer, I am an early morning 5am runner.  Autumn, I start to transition to lunch time. As for winter, I am definitely a lunch time runner, then back toward the summer plan.  Key is, there are always options – you just need to choose the one that works for you.

3. Learn from the fails and try again!  I am never going to sit down and write consistently on a Monday – it’s my designated trash TV night and I am fine with that – now.  I used to look at the non productive Monday as  a fail, so I started mapping out when I would get things done and still have some down time.

4. Self awareness is key…. Look to the belly button and you shall find answers!

So if I am going to choose one thing to be consistent at, it is to keep changing approaches every few months so I achieve goals playing to my strengths.  Now who wants to train for a half marathon at lunchtimes?


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