Embrace the square peg: Find your fit, find your free

embrace your square peg - why it is good for your personal brand, soul and how to find your fit


When you become a square peg in a round hole..

there can sometimes be huge pressure to fit the mould – be it your personal style, or  a career  move you thought would embrace you, you find yourself changing a few things about yourself and before you know it you have:

  • Removed the quirk factor – hello vanilla!
  • Put away the funky pants, get ready for the beige
  • Held back on your innovative ideas for growth because George from accounting doesn’t like them and he just wants to look at the ROI on the coffee machine against staff productivity.
  • Decided to embrace a view of “what your success looks like” that isn’t even yours – and maybe wasted your time on the wrong path –  yikes!

Before you know it, your unique soul, or personal brand starts to die a slow “lets conform and embrace the norm” death. That’s right – you are now a square peg in a round hole.  And if you have ever worn a pair of shoes that are too tight, you know all too well that being in something that doesn’t fit right becomes uncomfortable.  Stay uncomfortable for too long, and it starts to show in your personal energy –  the way you walk, talk, and interact with people starts sending off “do not approach” signals. This can be really bad for your career, team and business. So what can you do  to set yourself free?

Five tips to embrace your square peg:

1. Step back and look at what makes you happy – at work and at home.  Then ask yourself, how can you integrate them. If you have a real love of funky pants but don’t feel comfortable in wearing them to meetings with George, can you still pay homage to your own brand and use funky accessories instead?  Sometimes we need to have adaptive authenticity – the key is to embrace the “me”.

2. Look at the values of the company that you work for or have created – do they match up with your personal values? If they don’t, ask yourself if you are in the right role, the right company, or can you look at them differently.   If you can’t,  then perhaps look at what companies or departments would be a better fit for you and work out how to get there.

3. Work out your strengths, and then find a trusted honest friend or mentor to look at how you can play to these more often. Best avoid the yes men, and get some one who is the real deal.

4. Create a plan.  Think through the pros and cons, and choose the best way to pay homage to your square peggi-ness (peggy ness –  I’m not sure??) .  Sometimes it might be a change of mindset or finding a creative or community outlet that can let your quirkiness shine.  I guarantee – there is always a way!

5. Embrace action toward positive change. Remember comfort does not create growth.  Staying in discomfort does not create growth either (just sore feet).  Taking a positive step and embrace yourself – magic!


I’d love to hear – have you ever felt like a square peg in a round hole?  What is your tip for others to embrace their real authentic self?

Embrace your square peg, people (because round holes are best suited to donuts!)

With gratitude,




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