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Change Your Team: How to Create Super Heroes

Why Superheroes operate from Systems Theory

For all the things I have studied on change, Systems Theory would be my favourite.  It plays right into my connectedness talents – when activated I can turn into some awesome super-powered nerd, easily seeing connections between environmental changes and outcomes.  Yes, everything does happen for a reason.

That reason is called change

So what does all this malarkey have to do with taking your team consisting of Clark Kent, Buffy Summers, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Diana Prince, Kara Zor-El,  and Tony Stark (hellooo Robert Downey Jr, I’ll work with you any time) into a bunch of kick ass high performing superheroes?

Two things, really:

1.  There is a change in their environment (generally calls for help where their particular skill sets are needed)

2. They respond to the change in an adaptive an authentic way. The response is to keep their basic structure and needs and the values they stand for in tact.

So How Do You Create  a Team of  Superheroes?

I’ll give you one really simple concept to think about.  That is,   how you can change your  team environment that helps them tap in to their talents and strengths.  I’m not talking about restructuring, or creating a burning platform (although sometimes that is called for).  I’m not talking about taking your whole team on a trip to go bowling (although these activities are also important).

Alright.  Here it is.  My secret to teams that kick ass.

Change the Conversation.  Focus on Strengths

Start talking about what their strengths are.  Find out what their skills are, their talents, their passions.  Create an environment that really focuses on strengths.   Find a way that enables individuals to own their true selves.

Change that, and watch how the “team” system responds.   When your team start using their strengths intentionally, they will start looking for problems or opportunities in the environment to respond to.   This will range from how they approach customers to how they work interdependently – recognising that everyone brings something different to the table.

 “With Great Power there must also come…. Great Responsibility” – Stan Lee

When building a team of super heroes, remember it takes time to appropriately focus your talents. Strengths need to be harnessed in a positive way, and each super hero will have a weakness (mine is Cadburys).  Make sure they don’t literally wear their underpants on the outside.

Response to change is a choice.  So is creating change.

So I’m curious, what is one thing you will change with your team (doesn’t have to be a formal team) to get some superheroes started?

Let me know in the comments below.


With gratitude




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