Team Overwhelm to Dream Team: In Five Simple Steps

There is an I in team – and that I is you…

And you are overwhelmed…

Depending on your environment, you may have this mantra of “I can do it all”, or “I have to do it all” or “I am responsible for it all”.  Give it to me and I will fix it (even if I know nothing about it, I will painstakingly find out how to do it).  Well, that is really productive, isn’t it?

You see,  it’s this “I” in team that sets you on the path to overwhelm. You have unintentionally become a drug  dealer.   Feeding an unsuspecting, untapped pool of capable and talented support around you nothing but fixes (to problems, not actual drugs , if that is the case, you will go to jail, and I have no blog for that).

At the same time of being an unsuspecting dealer, you, and you alone are on the overwhelm road.  Destination: Burnout  (unless you change path).

What Your Potential Capable Support Team Currently Sound like:

Hey, I have a problem with a customer, system, negotiation, staff member, family member, lack of football snacks for guests, invoice dispute, delivery, pricing discrepancy, excel formula, graph, powerpoint presentation, social media response, leader, upline staff, downline staff, marketing, sales, finance, a game, writing code –  Can You Fix It???

Because you deal out fixes to your team:

It’s easy.  Just tell them, or better yet – do it for them.  Think for them, act for them. Take away their opportunities to develop. Then they will go back to their task, and you can get back to your very important very busy work (which is now overdue). That is the quickest way.

Why? They LOVE you.  You never say no. You get validation of your importance.

That is why you can’t get things done, and end up in overwhelm.  You are too busy dealing in fixes (and yes, I have been there more than once).

What a Dream Team looks and sounds like..

  • Purposeful & Purpose: full!
  • Efficient & Effective
  • Engaged & Energised
  • Happy, but not Sappy.

Here’s five Simple steps toward your dream team…

Here are  five steps for you to get your self and your team back on track

1. Self awareness.

If you are experiencing overload, overcommitment, or feel “over” people, recognise that you may be saying yes to fixing too many things.  Work out where your skills and talents lie, and focus on those. Then start to look at who can fill your gaps with complimentary talents.  It is ok to say no in a nice way

2. Environmental Awareness

Who is in your network that is willing, able, and (most importantly) capable with talents and strengths that you find, time consuming and difficult.  Once you can identify people, make sure that you have something to trade with them (now it might be time, it might be money, and it might be related to future opportunities).  If you can’t identify anyone – best you go do some networking!

A great way to find out the strengths and talents of others in your team is strengthsfinder

3.  Change the chitchat.

Next time you are looking at fixing something that can be completed by someone else, consider some of the following questions

  • Hmm, you have been part of this team for (x), what do you think the answer is?
  • I certainly know the answer, yet, I believe you might come up with an even better solution.
  • I have no idea how to fix this.  If I try to, it will probably take longer than necessary.  Let’s think about who we know that has the right talents and knowledge to help us with this, quickly and efficiently.
  • Is this problem in my skillset, and have I looked at all my options to help solve the problem?

4. Own your Time.  I mean really own it.

Time is the one resource we all get equally in a day. Whether you are a manager, mother, president, or podiatrist, you get 24 hours a day.   The choice is entirely ours as to where we use it, or how we lose it. When it comes to fixing things, it is much more productive to focus on our own talents and strengths.

5.  Have an Attitude of Gratitude

When you do get support from your peeps, and you have a win (either individually or collectively) celebrate with gratitude.

Whether it is getting your content strategy finished, getting out the door to a client on time (where it takes cooperation of little people), or having someone help you sort out your website- thank those that have been involved in your  success.  If you do have a team, and its a collective win – find a nice way to say thank you.

It doesn’t have to break the budget – yet acknowledging the talents and efforts of others will certainly pay itself forward next time you need support.

If you have a  top tip for creating a dream team and avoiding overwhelm, share it in the comments below.

With gratitude,


Has this helped, or do you know someone who this might help.  If so, share it!

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