Christmas. Unwrap your choice process

Is making the right choice slowing you down?

Aaah. Christmas.  All good images are conjured up….Family. Friends. Santa. Presents. Shopping. Risks. What – risks? No… what could risk have to do with Christmas and shopping?  There’s no risk in Christmas – just find a present, buy it wrap it and hey its about the choice of a gratitude attitude, right?

Well – if you are big on choice and like researching the best possible present for a person and you really do believe that it’s the thought that counts  (even the socks for Aunt Pattie)- it could be EVERYTHING!!

Now deliberation is not something that is high on my strengths profile, however I do have a healthy appreciation for it, and being to identify this talent in people certainly helps me understand why sometimes their decision making processes seem soooo sloooow (and they may just miss an opportunity.  like a sale). Ideation Alert: Here’s an example that you may relate to (or may identify a close friend or family member)….

Santa is charged with making the safest choice when purchasing a trampoline.

It would be fair to say that the North Pole must be a highly synchronised organisation.  I’m sure many a supply chain manager would beg to go and work there – oh the learning opportunities… Lean manufacturing, vertical integration, is it divisional production – who knows?

Anyway, I digress… I’m going to take a guess that Santa has Deliberation in his top ten – he does need to work out who is on the naughty or nice list, after all, and that must take a lot of factors into account.  I’m also going to hypothesize that using energy efficiently and effectively is also key to the success of the North Pole, and that they undoubtedly have cost pressures to try and keep transportation costs low, and are really driven by 100% in full on time.

So… As Santa needs to purchase a trampoline, he gets into research mode, and spends waaay too much time investigating which manufacturer is the safest, which has the most bounce, and which brings the most joy.  In the process of minimizing risk, he misses a SALE and he misses out on potential savings.  This starts to stress Santa out – he now needs to speed up his choice process, so what can he do to put his deliberation on fire?

Here’s a few tips to help the choice process for those deliberators…

1. Create enough space to forward plan, and get a great understanding of what is important in your decision making process (like the safety of children).  Keep your criteria on hand and get cracking.

2. Understand what you are prepared to trade.  For example if cost is important, you may have to to have your choice process in place well before the sales come.

3. If time is ticking away too fast, go for low risk options (link to what is already known – favourite authors, hobbies, interests of the people you are buying for)

4. Determine what the requirements are and delegate to  someone with great activator talents – you will know them as the speedy shopping person. This will help to  create space to think about something else. Like Christmas lunch.

5. If you are really pressed for time, team up with someone who is great at getting the most out of their time to help make the most of your conscientious approach.

6. And if you need help  – remember that people who deliberate are great at listening, so its a good chance that someone in your family (or team) has been thinking about Christmas (like Santa) all year!

Lucky for Santa, he has a year to plan this big event, which works to his deliberative strengths well.  I certainly appreciate the time and and care taken in making safety a number one priority.

So I’m curious – how do you see the people who like to deliberate?  How will you collaborate with them to set fire to deliberation? To find out more about your strengths, head over to


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