Change for Achievers
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How to change for overcommitting Achievers.

The Achiever Reliever: Avoiding the overcommitment to burnout. This year, I am focusing on #TEAM2016, helping individuals and teams to play a bigger game by using their innate talents.  Part of that will be joining my Gallup counterparts in…
change team culture using strengths

Change Your Team: How to Create Super Heroes

Why Superheroes operate from Systems Theory For all the things I have studied on change, Systems Theory would be my favourite.  It plays right into my connectedness talents - when activated I can turn into some awesome super-powered nerd,…

Christmas. Unwrap your choice process

Is making the right choice slowing you down? Aaah. Christmas.  All good images are conjured up....Family. Friends. Santa. Presents. Shopping. Risks. What - risks? No... what could risk have to do with Christmas and shopping?  There's no risk…
change management

When is Consistency not the Key to Success?

I need to start by saying I have a huge amount of respect for those individuals who consistently get up each day to go for a run - rain, hail or shine.  That, by their definition is their key to success.... For some of us, our keys to success…