The Corporate Cat Lady.

“Are you holding too many cats?”

Now I am not talking about being “catty” in the office environment.  Oh No.  Whilst it does happen, this is not a story of being unsupportive of your co workers.  This  focuses on what happens when you over care or are overcome with responsibility – and you keep collecting cats.  After all, they are so different and cute, and if you don’t take care of them….who will, right?

Let’s face it worst case scenario is being over run by cats whose needs are no longer being met, that then conspire and eat you – eeuw gross!  Same goes for saying yes too many times to work tasks – eventually there are so many that none get the complete attention they need, and reputation slides.

We all have the same number of hours in the day – whether you are the Queen or the cleaner – so look at what can be delegated, discarded or developed.

For corporate cat ladies, the first point is to become self aware and realize that perhaps you are doing your self and your friends or colleagues a disservice by over committing with responsibility and getting off path at what you are really truly talented at helping with.

Now that doesn’t mean you stop helping people  – it just means you think about different ways and means by which you can help.  Connect that need to do the right thing, by really being true to your own strengths and talents and looking at whether that makes you better suited to the Siamese, the Tabby’s or the unique hairless variety.  Or maybe, cats just aren’t your thing….



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