Activator Change Strengths

The Activator Negotation: Need to Change Tactics?


So you walk into a negotiation, and the buyer is full of energy.  They are ready to go, and looking for you to deliver.  Awesome!

The conversation is quick – there is no time for details.  You work to bring in some order and recommendations.  Nope, lets just make this happen.  Short notice.  This is what I want.  Make it happen.

Activators are the Action Jacksons.  Things can happen quick, and they excel at getting others to do things.

Activators are great buyers, (and great sellers).  Bringers of energy to team projects,   their enthusiasm  is catchy, and they are skilled at getting others to commit to action.

You may unintentionally be blind sided in committing before the time is right, and you or your Activator may just end up with buyers remorse.

Before you know it, you’ve made a commitment and are on your way to competing in a marathon with your friend when you can’t even run a mile!!

(OK confession, I may have signed up a work colleague to do a half marathon with me, and my Activator ranks at No. 11)

So what tactics can you use when negotiating with your enthusiastic Activator?

Make sure you are consciously choosing and thinking through to final outcome (whether you are the activator or negotiating with one).

I personally find that setting some rapid response meetings works well on both sides.

Rapid meetings in short time frames keep the energy, and signal that things will be done quickly.

Just be sure to buffer in some time to consider any issues (like the fact that your half marathon partner is going to need to go running at lunch time)

Here’s a quick schedule to run some Activator deals:

1/  Meeting 1: Discovery.  

No commitment.  Just what is the problem, what is the desired outcome, time frame and budget.

During your pause, call on your team to brainstorm some options, and look at what is feasible.  Check for any issues and be set for quick turn around.

2/ Meeting 2: Recommendations, and next steps.  

Remember, if the Activator has raised something that is not doable, its best to raise what is than leave no solution on the table.

3/ Meeting 3 is Action, Jackson – make things happen here.

With your agreed plan, timeframe and price in place, get right down to delivery mode, with the right people in the right roles.

4/ Meeting 4: Post Event Check in

Be sure to check in with your Activator, and look for your next opportunity to keep that momentum going.


Have you negotiated with an Activator?

What worked, and what didn’t?  Let me know in the comments below.

Keep an attitude of gratitude,



OH PS – In case you were wondering my friend Rebs and I  finished the half marathon together, I knew she could do it  – but I don’t think she will let me sign her up for a full marathon! 


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