How To Reclaim Your Personal Brand

How to Reclaim your Personal Brand

Some times when life events happen (like becoming a parent, changing jobs, or changing your relationship status), you start to wonder where your personal brand, or your “essence” – what you stand for and your “why” went.

how to reclaim your personal brand

My personal brand took a hit post kids as I worked to redefine who I was.  This is quite common with change, but there are elements of us that are at our core, and if we aren’t careful we can pack them away only to wake up wondering “who am I, and where did that creative go getter actually go?”

 For a period of time, my personal brand probably turned a bit beige.  Not in the wow, you look like you are rockin’ European sophistication way – more my Nanna’s best bridge playing pant suit kind of way.

I learnt a great way to find my way back to my personal brand that balanced being respectful to my work environment, and me.  But before you read on, here’s some reasons for why its important:]

Why should you get your personal brand back?

  •  You will feel better for being you
  • It will change your energy for the better
  • You will be more aware of opportunities that fit what you are about
  • You will attract the right tribe with the right vibe.

Here’s five ways to Reclaim your Personal Brand:

1/ Statement Accessoriespersonal brand

This was my first step toward personal brand recovery.  When budgets are tight, accessories are an easy way to break back through to the real you.  Whether it’s a quirky pendant, a tie with a bolder print, or beads that have a connection to a social cause, it’s a great way to bring back a piece of your personality that you feel has been lost.

office space personal brand2/ Style up your Space

A little personal touch in your workspace can be a great way to visually remind you of your personal brand qualities.  As an example, I created a workspace at home that feels like me.  I now get to work in a space that is easier to connect with in terms of belonging.  Results are you like working there and you become more productive – Win!

Confidence Closet

3/ Create a Confidence Closet

Break down your personal brand between work and play.  Be ruthless and only keep pieces that make you feel confident when you wear them because your personal brand (work or play) will be stronger for the situations you go into.

If you don’t feel like you win in it, then be binnin’ it!

4/ Consider your Colour Choicepersonal brand colour wheel

Colour choice provides a visual cue to what our personal brand stands for.  As a result, we form emotional insights based on the colours we wear.  For example, Blue is associated with trust and reliability, black is about confidence and white is about innocence, where as red is bold.

Personal Brand Love your Lingo5/ Listen to your lingo

Finally, reclaiming your personal brand comes down to communication.  This is both about the internal chit chat (are you confidence building your brand, or knocking it down?) and also how you want to be heard (do you want to be respectful and brave, bold and real?).  Because paying attention to what we say, and how we say it can uncover a lot about our brand.



I’m curious, what tips do you have for reclaiming your personal brand?


Catch you again soon!





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