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How to change for overcommitting Achievers.

The Achiever Reliever: Avoiding the overcommitment to burnout.

This year, I am focusing on #TEAM2016, helping individuals and teams to play a bigger game by using their innate talents.  Part of that will be joining my Gallup counterparts in a Weekly Strengths Wisdom Blog.  (I will be writing a lot this year).

It is fair to say that Achiever is not in my top five.  Yes, I love a to do list.  But does it keep me awake at night if something on there that is not a life or death matter is incomplete?  Probably not.

What I have noticed though working with teams and speaking with those where Achiever ranks high is that the first thing that tends to come up for them is relief.

Relief that there is a reason for the over commitment, over delivery.  It’s innate. It’s how they roll. High standards, personal bests, and no task left behind. Every Day.

Time and time again, conversations with Achievers are the same.

“I can’t leave the office or go to sleep until I have done everything on my list”

“It doesn’t matter if I have completed 9 things – if the 10th one is not done, I have failed”

“I am stressed out with everything I have to complete by (insert crazy self imposed deadline here)”

Achievers who are constantly adding more on their plates without a good strategy to manage their completion complex need to watch their pressure performance curve, with a  “Caution, burn out ahead” road sign.

What can you do to change (not who you are, but how you manage)

The next questions that come up are “what can I do to change, I don’t want to feel this way every day”.

My response:

Get it out of your head, set a maximum task list boundary and delegate.  (They will want more things, keep it to three).

Ask an achiever to find three things that they can delegate effectively, and their nature will see them tick that one off the list.

If they are stuck?  It is simple.  Ask how they choose their dentist (is it from research, word of mouth, a trusted advisor – whatever it is, they will have criteria hidden as to how to do it).  This becomes the prime opportunity to ask if they can apply the same process to finding someone whom they can delegate to.

And if they need further help, or are looking for models to get through their “to do lists”, I would highly recommend the following:

1. Complete an activity called Time Squared

2. Dave Allen’s book Getting Stuff Done has a great process: Do, Delegate or Defer/Delete that will see you run through those lists like a four minute mile

3. Steven Covey’s 4 Quadrants of Time Management

Whether you are working on a personal or business goal, if you look closely, you will realise that a supportive team with complementary talents is the best way create change and achieve anything.  If you are not sure what your talents are, you can always take the Gallup Strengthsfinder Test by clicking here, or contact me for how to unlock the talent in your team.

Does this sound like you or someone in your team?  What is your top tip to support an Achiever in getting things done without overcommitting?

I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Keep an attitude of gratitude,


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  1. Pauline
    Pauline says:

    This is a big thing for me this year. Less is more. I now put my “to do list” straight into my planner in 30 minute increments so I’ve got a time commitment attached to my jobs. I red pen the stuff that is non negotiable and pencil in the flexible stuff so that I can easily reshuffle when things change (which happens alot with 2 young people). I get some weird looks when I put reminders to call people in but once its down on paper then my mind is free to do other things.
    My specific goals are to review and plan each day the night before, which also allows my subconscious to process it and make the day flow better. At the end of each week my diary becomes my template for the following week and I can just tweak accordingly. 🙂
    I’m also committing to finishing one thing before starting the next. eg I must have about 6 books that I’m currently reading. All this does is create double handling. 🙂
    Look forward to catching up soon Belle, thanks for your tips. x

  2. Robyn Gibson
    Robyn Gibson says:

    Hey beautiful girl, I love your articles and looking forward to the next Program you are running. I am getting a new professional website, have had professional photos done, seeing a graphic designer tomorrow to help with the flavour and brand. I have rewritten my Program to sell on line and it’s really beautiful. I have sent it to my nephews wife to go over the Program to help the hearing impaired. She will interpret the Program via a series of videos using Ausland. I have also sent my Program to my cousin who’s really clever 🙂 and on my wave length. Getting there, and in the process I’m having an absolute ball. I start my day with “how may I serve?” To ensure my work is with integrity and love. I’m bursting with pride at my Program and looking forward to our next gathering re on line businesses. Hugest love, Robyn


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