The Importance of Stopping

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I got here through stopping – sound weird? Well, think about any car trip, bike ride or walk where you have to cross a road. What is the real purpose of stopping? Reduce the risk of an accident? That is one way to look at it. Obey a law? That is another.What if I said it is to check what is changing in your environment? Is there a big bus coming, or a family of ducks who have made it onto a busy road (I have never seen a chicken cross a road, I have seen ducks!)

We have been raised to stop when we are on roads, and for heaps of good reasons – keep us safe, pay attention (watch out, DUCKS!!). And the longer the road trip, the more important a stop is, to refresh and recharge, check the map and make sure we are still on track for where we are going,
Well, I am pretty sure that the average life (of a person or business) is longer than ANY road trip. So why do we forget to stop, regularly? Or, what forces us to stop. Normally, some form of pain, right? On the personal side – it can be as small as running out of breath in a fire drill at work to losing something (or someone) you take for granted. In business, it can be wondering where the customers went to having to close your doors. That sneaky competitor – didn’t see them tailgating!

So how do we plan to stop, and what are the signs we should be looking for?

Personally, it can be poor sleep, low energy levels, and finding yourself on google or seek looking for that magical job that is flexible, pays waay more than your current one, and hey, you can be a Gorilla Gram Girl at 38 and still get the hot heels, right? (Yes, I have googled for magical jobs). My positive reasons to stop are my family, especially my monkey princess and the little B Bear. Now the next bit, I weigh up how much i bear my soul. The hard ones that forced me to stop and change direction have been the loss of my mother, my father, and my older sister – before I turned 35. What have I learned though, well I aim to live the best life possible, considering they are not here to do it. I also aim to be an old lady with pink hair that gets to see her grand kids because I took the time to stop and check in on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I am not perfect though.

And business, the stop signs can usually be seen in numbers of some shape or form – are sales going down, and costs going up? Have customers decided to purchase in a different way, or have their motivations changed? Is there a new product on the market, and how do you determine whether its a passing fad (like jeggings) or a real change (like social media)

Whatever the case, if you can at least stop and reflect on a trend (pants getting tighter, need more caffeine, not happy), the likelihood of getting control of it and turning things around are much better. The first step though, is apply the breaks, and make the time to do it. Check if your current actions match your values, goals and beliefs. And if they don’t, why?

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  1. Christin Smith
    Christin Smith says:

    As Seth Godin wrote “Whatcha going to do with that duck? (once you’ve got it) I totally agree that it is important to stop and review your business road map, as there is no point putting in a lot of effort into a project if you are not heading where you actually want your business to go!


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