Adaptive Authenticity

Private coaching for future fieros

Are you doing work that lights your fire or do you feel stuck doing work and life that doesn’t feel true to you?

If you feel like you’re playing pin the tail on the donkey with your life, it’s time to play a new game.

My guess is you don’t know what your innate talents and strengths are, let alone how to activate them to build the life that lights you are.

Full disclosure: This is not a program to help you live your “perfect life” (I hate that BS too). Life isn’t perfect. And unless you’re a toy, I suggest you don’t even try to fit the box.

What I do:

As a Change Professional and Certified Gallup Strengths Coach I help you take the next steps in your career change or step up in your business.  Ultimately, I help you get to the place where life feels energizing, in flow and aligned with your innate strengths and talents.

How we work together

I work with you over a three month period to look assess your strengths and  environment to create customised actionable plans that recognise your innate talents.   You get to use my top five talents of connectedness, relator, ideation, futuristic and strategic (which basically means let’s brainstorm about your future, find the right option and connect it to your definition of success) to power up and sharpen your talents.

My coaching approach values authenticity, accountability and action.

Which is why I give you a documented action plan and you’ll be challenged on what will and won’t work for you.

Let’s get you to breathe and achieve, in business and in life.

Please note: I take on a maximum of three private clients at a time, and I only take on those people who really need my skills.  I want you to invest your time and money where you need to most.  

To see if we’re the right fit, please book a free 30 min call with me.