Igniting Enterprising Communities

Let’s build economic capacity, for real

Does your community or region have an economic capacity building plan that looks great on paper….but it’s just not happening?

I work with local government teams who are building enterprising communities in either regional areas or on the outskirts of a capital city to connect the disconnected and activate the talents of people who often feel isolated, undervalued and blocked from opportunity.

Working with enterprising communities is my “fiero”: it’s my passion.

How I help:

Through collaboration, we look at barriers to community participation to develop and deliver 8 week entrepreneurship programs. It’s all about connecting the disconnected and sparking their talent.  

Being the first to market in Australia with  Gallup’s Entrepreneurial Talent Profiling Tool, I have a unique advantage to help create communities that means individuals can  become commercially engaged in a way that aligns with their values.

Current programs that have been developed include:

Mumpreneur101 – focuses on enabling enterprising mothers develop their businesses whilst juggling the demands of children (yes, removing that development barrier is possible).

Artpreneur101 – enables creatives to be more commercial.  When you say “business plan” or “ideal customer” most creatives will have their eyes glaze over.  These sessions are out of the box, and interactive.  It’s about playing to different learning modalities.

Migrant Enterprising Women – fosters connection and recognises talent of some of our most disconnected and isolated members of the community.  Technology plays a strong role in helping participants connect and learn.

So what’s the outcome?

Participants in these programs improve their confidence, gain commercial skills, and increase their sense of wellbeing by connecting with like minded individuals.  Isolation and overwhelm are reduced.

To develop a program or deliver one for your community, click here…