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Creating Strengths Based Cultures

For organisations that serve the community.

If your organisation fits within local or state government services and is currently going through internal change as a response to a new strategic direction or other such external pressure, your team is likely feeling overwhelmed, disengaged and well, let’s just say the water cooler conversation is not as constructive as it could be.

Fact: The longer the “change process” the more chance your most talented people will suffer “change fatigue.”

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Let’s build economic capacity, for real.

Does your community or region have an economic capacity building plan that looks great on paper….but it’s just not happening?

Fact: City leaders, not the federal government, must own the identification and development of extremely talented future entrepreneurs, since most economic activity of any significance occurs at the city level

 – Gallup Entrepreneurship & Job Creation Facts & Figures 2014 

I work with local government teams who are building enterprising communities in either regional areas or on the outskirts of a capital city to connect the disconnected and activate the talents of people who often feel isolated, undervalued and blocked from opportunity.

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Start creating success on your terms

Want to feel confident, alive and connected?

Dealing with a change professional gives you the edge on igniting change.  Why not find out more about choosing your own adventure, and how to hold yourself accountable.

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