Change for Achievers
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How to change for overcommitting Achievers.

The Achiever Reliever: Avoiding the overcommitment to burnout. This year, I am focusing on #TEAM2016, helping individuals and teams to play a bigger game by using their innate talents.  Part of that will be joining my Gallup counterparts in…

Team Overwhelm to Dream Team: In Five Simple Steps

There is an I in team - and that I is you... And you are overwhelmed... Depending on your environment, you may have this mantra of "I can do it all", or "I have to do it all" or "I am responsible for it all".  Give it to me and I will fix…
change team culture using strengths

Change Your Team: How to Create Super Heroes

Why Superheroes operate from Systems Theory For all the things I have studied on change, Systems Theory would be my favourite.  It plays right into my connectedness talents - when activated I can turn into some awesome super-powered nerd,…

Christmas. Unwrap your choice process

Is making the right choice slowing you down? Aaah. Christmas.  All good images are conjured up....Family. Friends. Santa. Presents. Shopping. Risks. What - risks? No... what could risk have to do with Christmas and shopping?  There's no risk…
embrace your square peg - why it is good for your personal brand, soul and how to find your fit

Embrace the square peg: Find your fit, find your free

  When you become a square peg in a round hole.. there can sometimes be huge pressure to fit the mould - be it your personal style, or  a career  move you thought would embrace you, you find yourself changing a few things about yourself…
change management

When is Consistency not the Key to Success?

I need to start by saying I have a huge amount of respect for those individuals who consistently get up each day to go for a run - rain, hail or shine.  That, by their definition is their key to success.... For some of us, our keys to success…