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How to Deal with Lackholes

Have you encountered a lackhole? Let’s start with defining a lackhole (and I’m making this up) Lackhole (adj.) a phenomena by which a person develops a focus on what is lacking in others, or their environments.  Likes to verbalise the shortcomings of others and inadvertently suck any joy out of your day.   Also known as […]

Energy: Bust through the wall to well being

You have just hit an energy wall Let’s see:  15th January.  About the time that any well meaning resolutions relating to health and well being start becoming defunct.  You are back into work mode.  And at 3pm you find yourself reaching for that Snickers Bar. Or coffee, or other sugar-caffeine charged snacking combination.  Energy has […]


Change Your Team: How to Create Super Heroes

Why Superheroes operate from Systems Theory For all the things I have studied on change, Systems Theory would be my favourite.  It plays right into my connectedness talents – when activated I can turn into some awesome super-powered nerd, easily seeing connections between environmental changes and outcomes.  Yes, everything does happen for a reason. That […]

Christmas. Unwrap your choice process

Is making the right choice slowing you down? Aaah. Christmas.  All good images are conjured up….Family. Friends. Santa. Presents. Shopping. Risks. What – risks? No… what could risk have to do with Christmas and shopping?  There’s no risk in Christmas – just find a present, buy it wrap it and hey its about the choice […]