Whether you want to change the world or adapt to the changes thrust upon you, you really have two choices:

You could try to change who you are to fit into a pre-approved box. (Highly uncomfortable and not recommended)


You could choose to recognize your strengths and learn how to adapt your innate gifts.

Which option sounds more exciting to you?

But sadly, most people aren’t even aware of their natural strengths, let alone clear on how these strengths can be activated (and amplified).

Instead, people with high hopes and good intentions flounder in roles that don’t suit them, or worse – try to fit someone else’s model of success. The result?

I’m Belle Lockerby. As Australia’s first Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Change Management Professional (yep, there is such a thing), I’ve devoted my life to helping people choose the second, way-more-exciting option.

I help people find and activate their talents so they can trailblaze their own adventure to a life of purpose.

Once I learned to tap into my own strengths my life opened up possibilities like:

Becoming the first Gallup Certified Strengths Coach in Australia; helping hundreds of startups gain clarity when they were stuck; ensuring organisations tick their strategic objectives right off their supposedly non deliverable list; developing customised entrepreneurship programs — valuable programs that have seen people move out of the red and into the black; coaching hundreds of individuals and teams to find their talents and apply them to make the change they needed.

belle missworldWhile I was never meant to win a Miss World contest, I was  born to “change the world” anyway.

Years later, sitting in yet another “professional development day” (wanting to chew my face off), I wondered what happened to that 17 year old girl with the big-arse dose of courage and renegade spirit?

Instead here I was ticking the next box and running on the hamster wheel. You know, chasing someone else’s definition of success to fit the current corporate flavour of the month.   

I couldn’t see how I could play to my gifts and strengths in this kind of environment. Let alone believe the holy grail of work-life business could be more than a unattainable tease.

What happened next changed everything.

As if the Universe had planned it, the boring PD Day delivers a messenger. A man stands up and shares his story. He tells his story of how he had brain cancer, and yet here he is 10 years on doing what he is passionate about.  He had kids. And a mortgage. Living with purpose and passion was possible.

“So what’s your excuse then?”

That was one of the questions that ran through my head. From that moment on other questions virtually bitch-slapped me in the face, like: Is earning a good income in a job that ticks some of your values boxes (but not all) your legacy? What did I really want to teach my kids about living and working? Did I really want the 9 – 5 (or 10pm) life that saw my kids in after school care? Was I prepared to ignore my highest potential for the sake of security?

The truth is, change is inevitable.

Most people are afraid of change because they don’t understand it or know how to work with it.

Just as many are afraid of what might happen if they uncover their gifts and talents.

But life doesn’t have to be lived like that.

In fact, uncovering and activating your talents is the only way to achieve your unique version of success.

At the risk of sounding a bit too “Miss World” — hand on heart — I care about helping people find out what’s right about themselves, and overcome barriers.  I have learned how to find talent and create change. I understand change. Academically-speaking, I’ve even got a Post-graduate qualification in Change Management from one of the World’s top business schools (if you’re impressed by that kind of thing).

Everything changes when change itself becomes an adventure

Shortly after the boring-then-life-changing PD, I I was gifted a mentor and we started mapping out the next five years of my life, which included me resigning from my lovely corporate life.

I can tell you right now – it felt nothing like jumping off a moving bus.  It felt like I jumped off a freaking plane with a parachute that my kid had made in daycare. Yaaaaay! Watch mummy fly!

So with a cross country move, I cut off my spending, kissed my share plan, fuel card and awesome network of friends good bye to go after the real me…..

Into a life I love.

I believe you must go for the life you want with the same abandon as my streaking two year old son in a supermarket.  

I believe that sometimes the best decisions are the hardest ones. And that your problems are your biggest opportunities.

So whether you’re a budding artpreneur or mumpreneur. Whether you’re building a thriving community or a light-your-fire startup. Working to create a new culture within your organisation, or heading in a new strategic direction: I can help you bring your plan to life and get results.

I’m here to share everything I know about creating change and navigating change.  My solutions are simple and get results. And no, it’s not because I have the magic wand.  It’s because I help you tap into hidden or underplayed strengths, ignite your people power to captivate the right crowd and ultimately, feel so alive and on purpose you’ll blow even your own mind.