How To Reclaim Your Personal Brand

How to Reclaim your Personal Brand Some times when life events happen (like becoming a parent, changing jobs, or changing your relationship status), you start to wonder where your personal brand, or your "essence" - what you stand for and…
Activator Change Strengths

The Activator Negotation: Need to Change Tactics?

ENERGY ALERT: ACTIVATORS BRING LOADS!! So you walk into a negotiation, and the buyer is full of energy.  They are ready to go, and looking for you to deliver.  Awesome! The conversation is quick - there is no time for details.  You…
Change for Achievers
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How to change for overcommitting Achievers.

The Achiever Reliever: Avoiding the overcommitment to burnout. This year, I am focusing on #TEAM2016, helping individuals and teams to play a bigger game by using their innate talents.  Part of that will be joining my Gallup counterparts in…